Learn the 2013 Les Paul Lineup!


Learn the 2013 Les Paul Lineup!

It’s never too late in the year to familiarize yourself with Gibson’s 2013 Les Paul offerings. You friends at Manchester Music Mill are New England’s newest Gibson dealer and we jumped right in with a huge opening order! We have guitars from Gibson and Epiphone for every price range, from $300 all the way up to $5000! Stop in during this holiday season or contact us to get our best price on any Gibson or Epiphone!

If you are looking to purchase a Gibson, or even if you’ve ever wondered the differences and features of the Les Paul line, keep reading, and stayed tuned for more posts on the rest of Gibsons 2013 offerings.



Gibson’s entry level Les Paul for 2013 is known as the LPJ. The LPJ is in some ways a stripped down Les Paul, but it offers all the most important ingredients for that classic Les Paul sound. It starts with a solid mahogany body and a two piece maple top – the timeless Les Paul tonal foundation. This body is finished with a rubbed nitro lacquer for a “worn in” grainy look and texture.

The LPJ has a set, hard maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. It features the popular “fat” 50s rounded neck profile, trapezoid inlays, a precision cut nut, and 16:1 ratio vintage style tuners.

It is loaded with a Gibson 490R in the neck and a 498T in the bridge, both with alnico magnets for a warm, vintage style tone with output enough for modern music. The tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece offer unparalleled stability and intonation, and help the guitar sustain for days!

Summary of Features:

–       Weight relieved
–       Mahogany body, carved maple top
–       Maple Neck, 50s profile
–       Rosewood Fretboard
–       490R/498T

The Les Paul Tribute Series


The new for 2013 Tribute Series from Gibson features mid priced, vintage inspired Les Pauls from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There is also a Future Tribute model.

50s Tribute

The 50’s Tribute model nails the look, feel, and sound of the original Les Paul guitars. It is loaded with a pair of rippin’ P-90s wired to vintage specs. P-90s are some of the most versatile pickups out there – they can go from clean to mean with just a volume adjustment. This model also has a fat 50s neck profile, and of course a solid mahogany body with maple top and quality, USA hardware.

Summary of Features

–       Weight relieved
–       Mahogany body, solid carved maple top
–       Mahogany neck, 50s profile
–       Rosewood Fretboard
–       P-90 pickups

60s Tribute

The 60’s Tribute model is a nod to another golden decade from Gibson. It features the also popular “slim 60s’” neck profile, which is great for ripping a solo or when you need to move very quickly around the fretboard. It also features Burstbucker Pro pickups, Gibson’s modern PAF copy. They are the perfect marriage of output and clarity.  All these features of course rely on the maple topped mahogany body and quality USA hardware to really shine.

Summary of Features:

–        Weight relieved
–        Mahogany body, solid carved maple top
–        Mahogany neck, 60s profile
–        Rosewood fretboard
–        Burstbuckers

70s Tribute

The 70’s were a decade where heavy rock and roll was starting to take over the music scene. Players needed more output from their pickups, which led to some new pickup designs, such as the original Dirty Fingers pickups. The 70’s Tribute Les Paul is loaded with these high output humbuckers, gear toward the heavy rocker. These pickups have tons of sustain and harmonic content, but they also retain string clarity and respond to your playing style. This guitar also features a “medium” 70s neck profile with headstock volute. The volute was designed to strengthen the headstock as many Les Pauls in the past were prone to breaking in this area.

Summary of Features:

–        Weight relieved
–        Mahogany body, solid carved maple top
–        Mahogany neck, 70s profile w/ volute
–        Rosewood fretboard
–        Dirty Fingers pickups

Future Tribute

The Future Tribute Les Paul combines modern aesthetics and features with your classic Les Paul body design. It features Zebra colored ’57 classic humbuckers – one of Gibson’s best pickups. They have an unbeatable combination of output, tone, and clarity. This guitar also features a modern asymmetrical neck profile which is designed to fit the shape of a human hand all the way up the neck. Its most futurist, forward thinking feature is the gearless Steinberger tuning machines!

Summary of Features:

–        Weight relived
–        Mahogany body, solid carved maple top
–        Mahogany neck, asymmetrical neck profile
–        Rosewood fretboard
–        ’57 Classic humbuckers

All these Les Paul Tribute models are also available with Gibson’s new Min-ETune automatic tuning system.

Les Paul Studio


The Les Paul Studio has been a road warrior of a guitar since it’s introduction in 1983. It still doesn’t quite have the appointments of the higher end Les Pauls but it nevertheless features the combinations of wood, pickups, and hardware that create that “Les Paul” sound. New for 2013, the Les Paul Studios now have coil taps (single coil mode) on both 490R/498T pickups, with the center position being hum cancelling. The Studio has a slim 60s neck profile and of course, a mahogany body with a solid carved maple top. Other tweaks include “speed knobs”, optional MinE-Tune gearless tuners, and an unbound body and neck for a simplistic and elegant look.

Summary of Features:

–       Weight relieved
–       Mahogany body, solid carved maple top
–       Mahogany neck, 60s profile
–       Granadillo fretboard
–       490R/498T pickups w/ coil taps

Les Paul Signature T


The Les Paul Signature T is a bit under the radar, and quite wrongfully so. It fills in another price point in the product line, and from here on up you start to see more select tonewoods, pickups and construction practices. The Signature T starts out again with a select mahogany body but it features a AA grade maple top, a step up from the previous guitars. It also features a select quartersawn mahogany neck with a 60s SlimTaper profile. The neck is topped with a Grade A Granadillo fretboard. Granadillo is a rosewood substitute that has been used for over 100 years with almost identical results. The Signature T features Gibson ’57 Classic humbuckers, arguably one of the best options out there. It also has a nice body and fretboard binding.

 Summary of Features

–       Weight relieved
–       Mahogany body, solid carved AA maple top
–       Quartersawn mahogany neck, 60s profile
–       Granadillo fretboard
–       ’57 Classic humbuckers

Les Paul Traditional


The Les Paul Traditional is aptly named, as it features classic Les Paul specifications that are used a bit more sparingly nowadays. First off, the Traditional is non-weight relieved for a thick and meaty tone. It also features vintage spec orange drop capacitors in conjunction with a pair of ’57 Classic pickups. The select mahogany neck has a rounded 50’s profile, again one of the most popular Gibson neck shapes. Other features include upgraded vintage style chrome Tone Pros tuners, AA maple cap, and speed knobs with dial pointers.

Summary of Features:

–       Non weight relieved
–       Mahogany body, solid carved AA maple top
–       Quartersawn mahogany neck, 50s profile
–       Rosewood fretboard
–       ’57 Classic humbuckers

Les Paul Standard


Gibson is very proud of the 2013 Les Paul Standard, marketed as the most versatile Standard ever. We are inclined to agree as this guitar has PAF-inspired Burstbucker Pro pickups which a plethora of tonal options, from coil splits, to phase reversals, to a “Pure Bypass position which routes the pickups directly to the output jack, skipping the volume and tone controls, for clearer, hotter sound.

The Standard features a select mahogany body with your choice of tops. It includes a AA top at no upcharge but can be ordered with AAA or AAAA tops of Koa or Birdseye. It has a Tone Pros locking bridge and tailpiece, vintage style tuners, and a 60s asymmetric neck profile with compound radius fingerboard, for a comfortable feel all the way up the neck.

–       Weight relieved
–       Mahogany body with AA AAA or AAAA maple top
–       Quartersawn mahogany neck, 60s asymmetric profile
–       Rosewood fretboard
–       Burstbuckers

Les Paul Supreme

The Les Paul Supreme is the top of the line Les Paul (aside from a Custom) and it features a beautiful AAAA figured maple top AND back, as a tribute to the sometimes translucent finishes of the 58-60 Les Pauls. It features a brass and abalone “Earth” inlay on the headstock with Grover Keystone tuners. It has standard gold hardware, a classic 50’s rounded neck profile with Richlite fretboard, and a pair of 490R/498T humbuckers. Top it off with multi-ply binding and split mother of pearl inlays and you have a guitar that looks as good as it sounds.

–       Mahogany body with AAAA figured maple top and back
–       Chambered
–       Quartersawn mahogany neck 50s profile
–       Richlite fretboard
–       490R/498T pickups

Les Paul Custom Shop VOS Series


We currently have quite the treat of a Les Paul in stock as well! Gibson also sells a line of “VOS” or Vintage Original Spec guitars. These vintage reissues can also be designated by an “R” in front of the year of the 50s decade – they generally go from “R4” (54) to “R0″(60). These guitars often have an aged or “relic” look to them as well.

We currently have a 1959 Reissue Les Paul – this year is highly regarded as the epitome of a vintage Les Paul. Gibson built this reissue very well using a period correct neck shape and heel, custom shop original PAF style humbuckers, a one piece rosewood fingerboard, Kluson Deluxe tuners, and an Aniline dye. All precision construction on these guitars, such as fret and nut work is performed by Gibsons “Plek” machine.

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